The Roles of Language in CLIL

Ana Llinares, Tom Morton, Rachel Whittaker.

Cambridge University Press.

Year of publication: 2012

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the various roles of language in CLIL. Drawing on the authors’ wide experience as CLIL teacher educators and researchers, the book will raise practitioners’ awareness of how language works in CLIL.

It presents a solid framework for CLIL, underpinned by social theories of language and learning, with both a descriptive and dynamic approach to the different roles of language in CLIL. It offers a view of language as fully integrated in content learning, based on a corpus of authentic classroom interaction and students’ written productions across different subjects and from different countries.

It provides extensive coverage of the role of literacy across the most commonly-taught CLIL subjects and a new content-language integrated model of assessment. This book is unique in combining ideas for CLIL teachers to take informed decisions as to the language side of CLIL, in integration with the content, as well as for CLIL researchers to develop new projects.

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