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LECTURE: Christiane Dalton-Puffer, “Cognitive Discourse Functions in CLIL”

Room 312 VI-BIS, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (UAM)
Friday November 11, 2016, 18:30-20:30

Cognitive Discourse Functions in classroom interaction: first insights from Austrian CLIL lessons

Dr. Christiane Dalton-Puffer
Professor English Department
University of Vienna

The seminar will introduce the notion of cognitive discourse functions as a conceptual model which aims at enabling a bridging discourse between subject and language educators. Such a joint conversation which can make reference to shared concepts is necessary if the difficult task of integrating language and content pedagogy is to be realized in CLIL classrooms (or any other classrooms where the language of instruction has become an ‘issue’).

In the first part, I will introduce my proposal for a construct of cognitive discourse functions (Dalton-Puffer 2013), explaining its theoretical foundations in education and applied linguistics and sharing insights from a number of exploratory studies conducted by graduate students at Vienna University. In the second part participants will be invited to explore CLIL classroom data through the lens of CDFs themselves.