Systemic Functional Linguistics: A social-semiotic approach to content and language integrated learning in bilingual/multilingual educations.

Special issue of the International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.

Edited by Ana Llinares & Anne McCabe (2020).

Table of contents

Systemic functional linguistics: the perfect match for content and language integrated learning
Ana Llinares & Anne McCabe

Documenting language and content integrated learning: a case study of a genre-based history in films course
Mariana Achugar & Therese Tardio

Exploring content and language co-construction in CLIL with semantic waves
Yuen Yi Lo , Angel M. Y. Lin & Yiqi Liu

CLIL students’ definitions of historical terms
Nashwa Nashaat-Sobhy & Ana Llinares

Interactional scaffolding in a first-grade classroom through the teaching–learning cycle
Luciana C. de Oliveira , Loren Jones & Sharon L. Smith

Expressing evaluation across disciplines in primary and secondary CLIL writing: a longitudinal study
Rachel Whittaker & Anne McCabe

Cognitive discourse functions in CLIL classrooms: eliciting and analysing students’ oral categorizations in science and history
Natalia Evnitskaya & Christiane Dalton-Puffer

Afterword: SFL, theoretical pluralism and content and language integration at the levels of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment
Tom Morton