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Centros concertados

These publicly-funded private schools (or ‘centros concertados’) are funded by the Community of Madrid, which in turn makes these institutions comply with a series of requirements.

Since 2008-2009, the Madrid Ministry of Education has authorized the implementation of the Spanish-English bilingual education programme in primary centros concertados. Since 2014-2015, the continuity of the bilingual programme has been authorized for centros concertados. The teaching staff who teaches subjects in English in this programme must (just as teachers in public education) possess the language certification required by the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education does not provide any official identification posters (such as is the case for bilingual public schools) for the centros concertados. However, each centro concertado that has been authorized by the Community of Madrid to teach the bilingual programme may use its own bilingual sign identifying the authorization of the Community of Madrid to provide bilingual education.

See the statistics section for data on centros concertados offering bilingual education.