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In-school organization

The Principal

Advised by the Bilingual Coordinator and with the collaboration of other members of the School Management Team, the Principal is in charge of overseeing the correct implementation and maintenance of the bilingual programme.

The bilingual programme Coordinator

Every school has a bilingual programme Coordinator, who has an advisory and administrative role. The bilingual programme Coordinator advises the Principal and the School Management Team in the elaboration and revision of the Curricular Project, the yearly General Academic Programme, and the yearly Final Report. They also coordinates and supervises the implementation of the academic programme in those subjects taught in English.

Responsibilities and tasks:

  • in charge of contacting the language assistants assigned to a school, welcoming them and introducing them to the school, and guiding them in adapting to their new environment;
  • ensure that there is an adequate degree of coordination among the different teachers whom the language assistant provides linguistic support to;
  • encourage critical reflection about teaching practices, promote new pedagogical and methodological initiatives, guide the selection of teaching materials and resources, and, in collaboration with the school´s Management Team, ensure their adequate use and maintenance;
  • collaborate with the Principal and School Management Team in the organization of external evaluation (dates, training sessions, registration, protocols, etc.), always under the guidance of yearly instructions issued by the Regional Ministry of Education.

Taken (with slight alterations) from: Madrid, comunidad bilinguë 2015-2016 / Madrid, a bilingual community 2015-2016, p. 69.