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Language certification

In order to teach subjects in a foreign language, teachers must first be certified. This certification can be obtained through either of two procedures:

  1. The teacher submits a university degree or official language certification equivalent to a CEFR level C1 or above.
  2. The teacher passes a language exam which certifies (only valid for teaching positions in the Community of Madrid) a C1 level of linguistic proficiency, corresponding to the CEFR’s “Effective Operational Proficiency”.

The certificate is only valid for a limited period. Teachers who are in possession of the certificate but who do not carry out any teaching in English for some time, will have to resit the exam in order to renew their certification.

The Community of Madrid recognizes certified teachers’ added effort to teach through a foreign language by granting them a financial bonus proportional to the number of hours taught in English.

However, certified teachers are obliged to teach the maximum number of hours possible in English within the bilingual programme, so as to maximally utilize their potential/know-how.

See the statistics section for numbers on certification in Spanish-English bilingual public schools.

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