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School selection & requirements

The Regional Ministry of Education establishes the requirements for (new) bilingual schools (primary and secondary respectively), which are updated and published every year.

Since 2004-2005, the Regional Ministry of Education yearly publishes a call for the selection of new bilingual schools. In order for a school to become bilingual, the school submits an Educational Project that reflects the requirements established by the ministry. This Educational Project must be backed by a majority in both the Teacher´s Council and the School Governing Body.

The assessment of applications takes into account the following criteria (among others):

  • The level of English of teachers: possession of language certification;
  • Feasibility of implementation of the programme, taking into account the educational experience of the school, the experience of the EFL teachers, available resources in the school, and the number classes and students;
  • The quality of the Educational project;
  • The balanced distribution of selected schools in relation to the different territorial areas in order to achieve an equitable distribution of bilingual schools in the area Regional Community of Madrid.

The bilingual programme is implemented school-wide, and not in parts or streams. When a primary school (‘colegio’) or secondary school (‘instituto’) becomes bilingual, it receives a special label:

colegio     instituto


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