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Teacher education

Máster Universitario en Formación de Profesorado de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria y Bachillerato

60 credits
Specialization: English as Foreign Language
Teaching level: Secondary & Bachillerato

The Teacher Education Master with specialization in English as a Foreign Language consists of two modules. In the first semester, a first common basic or generic introductory module is offered for all students, including theoretical and practical training. During the second semester a specific module for English didactics is taught. External practices span both semesters.

1st semester
Learning and personality development (4 ECTS)
Processes and educational contexts (6 ECTS)
Society, Family and Education (4 ECTS)

2nd semester
Complements disciplinary training in English (10 ECTS)
Learning and teaching English (12 ECTS)
Teaching innovation and introduction to educational research in English (4 ECTS)

External practices (14 ECTS)

Master Thesis (6 ECTS)

For more information, click here. Or contact the coordinator of the English as a Foreign Language specialization: ana.llinares@uam.es