Comparative Judgement

Please follow the links below to start a comparative judgement task. Each task takes no more than 10 minutes to complete, and can often be done in less.

You will first be asked to log in as a “judge” by providing an e-mail address so that your judgements can be saved. This allows you to stop at any time and resume the task at a later moment by simply logging in again with the same e-mail address; no work is lost. Your personal information will be kept confidential.

After logging in, you are presented with a series of two short texts, shown side by side on your screen. Please select the text you think is better by clicking on one of the purple buttons labelled “Left” or “Right” in the top corners of the screen.
DO NOT click on the texts themselves; this will only show you an enlarged version of the same text in a new tab in your browser (if this happens by accident, simply close the tab in your browser).

Tasks for Science and EFL teachers:

1. Report
2. Compare

Tasks for History and EFL teachers:

1. Describe
2. Explore